A Selection of Recent Articles:

Seattle’s Child: A Seattle Schools Lunch Revolution: School menus emphasize students’ native cuisines.

AARP: Darcelle, The Oldest Drag Queen in the West: Portland’s grande dame

AARP: How Joan MacDonald got ripped after age 70: A gym on the beach helped!

Preservation: Oregon’s King of Roads Takes the Scenic Route to Revival: The Columbia River Historic Highway

Alaska Beyond: New & Classic at Disneyland: I got to go to Disneyland!

Oregon State Bar Bulletin: Time’s Up Oregon: #MeToo in the legal community

New York Times Travel Cannabis tourism around the USA

Alaska Beyond: A Summer of Sasquatch: Bigfoot’s Stomping Grounds in the PNW

Alaska Airlines Magazine: Fantasy Flight  A Christmas feel-good story and my first cover!

Alaska Airlines Magazine: Booklandia The story behind the Wordstock book festival

Wine Enthusiast: Getting into the Spirit A guide to wineries with distilleries

Alaska Airlines Magazine: A Bike Bastion Pedal Powered Talk Show and the Unipiper

Parade: King’s Speech Dublin, Georgia celebrates its link to MLK Jr.

Vineyard & Winery Management: Crafting Hard Cider Interviews with Cider Makers

Wine Enthusiast: Oregon’s Artful Winemaker Q&A with winemaker/potter Andrew Beckham

Alaska Airlines Magazine: Oregon Goes to the Dogs Oregon’s dog culture, featuring my dog, Matilda!

Hana Hou!: The Curious Case of David Douglas Laying a new plaque at the David Douglas memorial on Mauna Kea, Hawaii

Preservation: Capital of Quirk  A summer travel feature about my hometown, Portland, Oregon

Parade: Riding High: A Struggling Town Creates a Little Magic How the townspeople of Albany, Oregon, lifted spirits with a volunteer carousel project

Workforce ManagementConfronting Barriers: An Interview with Lex Frieden  A conversation with the man who conceived the Americans with Disabilities Act

Oregon BusinessTruffle Mania The booming business in digging up Oregon’s culinary truffles

O, The Oprah Magazine: Good Old Dog Project Pauline Zonneveld’s old dog photography

O, The Oprah MagazineFrom Stressed Out Cop to Buddhist Teacher  An enlightened former cop in Madison, Wisconsin

Some Favorites from the Past:

The Wall Street Journal: Italic-Writing Missionaries Make a Convert

The Wall Street Journal: The Man With the Golden Horn

The Wall Street Journal: Wavy Gravy’s Camp for Nostalgic Hippies

The Wall Street Journal: Steve Prefontaine: Getting His Ghost

The Wall Street Journal: High Schooler Scoops National Press

The Wall Street Journal: Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged

The Wall Street Journal: Woman Boxer Takes Jab at Joyce Carol Oates